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Standard, special and customized

A couple of years ago, G.R.A.S. introduced a new approach to measurement microphones and to measurement data safety. The concept was a reaction
to our customers’ wishes for easier microphone
selection, simple system configuration and reduction of measurement errors.

Based on our customers’ requirements and requests for more advanced measurement options, we continue the success with an extension to the standard and special microphone set program. Should this not fulfill your
needs, we are able to deliver customized variants or enter into customer specified development projects.

Special attention should be paid to the new high- pressure ¼” CCP microphone and the new G.R.A.S. flush-mount concept which enable complete new and easy mounting of pressure microphone sets into all kinds of structures.

If the G.R.A.S. microphone set approach is new to you, you can get familiar with the concept on this site.